Hier sind, wie versprochen, meine Gedichte

When I look into your eyes,

I forget all my troubles, all my pain,

in your eyes I loose myself,

I forget my live, this moment is just yours.


I want you to remember this moment,

remember my eyes, remember my tears,

all the pain I had troughlived and saw in this world.

It´s true... the eyes still are the soul´s mirror.


Everything is falling apart, 

downfalling in the rain,

you took me to you,

hold my hands between yours,

warmed by your hands,

warmed by your breath,

hold in your arms,

took me aside,

hold by your side,

feel save in your Arms 


I will cry,

I will fall,

until you catch me,

dry my tears, and hold my hands. 


I´m happy to know you,

to speak with you every single day,

to hear your words.

Your optimism took me up to you,

my happyness, my love, all bind in you. 


I see the light in your eyes,

you see the truth in mine,

I cannot lie to you,

because you are my angel,

the stripes, which catch me when I fall,

the Sun, which sends the light,

the spring, in which I fresh me and drink the water of life.